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Weber & Apestegui,
Relation between the Parameters of the Kostiakov and Lewis-Kostiakov Infiltration Models, Cordoba, Argentina
Technology and Sciences.
Vol. VII, No. 2, March-April, 2016, pp. 115-132
the measurement plot. The total weight of the
assembled equipment is 110.6 kg and the fluid
can weigh up to 100 kg.
This equipment has an empirical calibra-
tion curve (which was determined through
an experimental process in this laboratory)
which determines the relationship between
the available hydraulic head at the end of the
needles that generate the drops and the inten-
sity of the rainfall generated. The regression
equation between these two variables, with a
coefficient of determination of
= 0.997 is:
In this equation,
is the intensity of the
rainfall produced (in mm/h) and
is the head
(in cm) on the generators. Figure 2 graphically
presents the relation obtained.
From the statistical analysis of the calibra-
tion data, it can be concluded that the inten-
sity values obtained with equation (1) have an
uncertainty of 3 mm/h, which reflect an error
in the intensity produced of 3 to 5%.
Site Selection
As in previous works (Weber
et al
., 2005), the
test sites were determined based on the two
variables with the most
a priori
influence on
the results to be obtained —the type of soil
and land. With respect to type, rather than
a geotechnical classification, regional charac-
teristics were considered to provide the most
representative hydrological results. To this
end, the classification of geomorphological
environments developed by Quintana-Salvat
and Barbeito (1994) was used as the criterion.
This work detected primarily two different
environments in the area of the city of Cor-
doba. One is a loess plains with sandy silt soil,
good cohesion and low moisture levels. The
other is a flood terrace from the old Suquía
River channel (first) which was classified by
the authors cited as having three sub-envi-
ronments —lower, medium and upper— ac-
cording to their nearness to the current river
channel that runs through the city.
In terms of land use, three basic types
were differentiated: patios and gardens in
Figure 2. Calibration Curve of the Rainfall Simulator.
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